Friday, December 8, 2006

Michael's Quilt

I am starting this blog to show everyone the progress that I make on my quilt. I guess I shouldn't say my quilt, but rather my neice's quilt, as I am making it for her. At least that is the plan, I hope after all the work and everything that I will be able to part with it.
I have already started the quilt. I think it must have been in June or July (2006) that I started, because I know that several of the fabrics were purchased on a trip to Florida in June and I didn't start til I had everything.
The pattern of the quilt is called Grandmother's Flower Garden. I will explain the pattern and the plan in future posts. I would like to be able to illustrate what I am trying to explain with photos, so I will have to wait til I take them.

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