Sunday, July 8, 2012


January into February, the quilt visited Fiji. I have waited to make this posting to give myself time to have some distance from the trip and put it into a better perspective.  I will say nothing negative.
I can sum up Fiji in 3 words..... Rain..... Rain...... and Rain.  This first photo sums up the vacation perfectly.

Rain in the pool

The quilt seemed to be a little shy this trip. So I feel that I must supplement the quilt photos with a couple of birds. Forgive me.
Collared Lory

Multi-colored Fruit Dove

Tropical islands with lots of rain have lots of waterfalls.

The International Date Line passes through the island of Taveuni. Here I have one foot in today and one in tomorrow, or was that one foot in today and one in yesterday???

Orange Dove