Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Other Coast

In July the quilt did make it to the East Coast, Florida. But first, take a look at this first picture. This is the reverse of the quilt held up to the sun. I love the way the light plays through the fabric. To me it looks more like a stained glass window than a quilt, but that's me. The different shades of color where the fabric is folded is beautiful. Click on the picture to make it larger and get the full effect.

Here is the state of the quilt on August 1st. Several more flowers have been added and, if you look closely, you'll notice that more edging has been added to the lower left corner to enlarge the straight edge. I think I'll add a little each month.

Have no fears, even though I'm topless in this photo, the site is still "family friendly"! This is pool side in Miami Beach.

And now for a couple of sunset pictures overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. We stayed in Madiera Beach and a couple of the sunsets were quiet colorful. Did manage to get birds in each of the shots. I'm wearing my back-up pair of glasses and I hate them. Makes my face look washed out. I've got my regular glasses back now.

The quilt should grow in August. I was able to make 3 complete flowers on the drive down and back. I'm hoping to finish the current row, Row 5, in September. It'll take lots of work, but I've got to get busy or Hannah will be 53 before I finish ; )