Monday, December 14, 2009

Ecuador - From Volcano Glacier to Amazon Basin

The quilt returned to Ecuador for Thanksgiving. I guess it enjoyed visiting in 2008 and thought 2009 deserved a repeat visit. David, our taxi driver, our 18 year old guide and I made a visit to Cotopaxi National Park. We started out hike together until we made it to a rest lodge that served hot coco. David, the taxi driver AND OUR GUIDE decided to stop for coco and thought that this was high enough to hike. I on the other hand had never been so close to a glacier on the top of a volcano and decided to continue to the 5000 meter height where the glacier rests, alone.

In the above picture you can see that it is snowing, and where I fell on the glacier. My pants and more importantly, the quilt piece got stained red from the volcanic ash. I don't know if it will wash out. On the trip back down the side of the volcano I got caught in a blinding snowstorm. It's ok though, as I trudged along I kept muttering about how much good chocolate and water can accomplish when they are left in the car.
Over my left shoulder you can see the lodge. I climbed from the lodge up to the glacier across the red ash.
The quilt enjoys a motor canoe ride up the Napo River. It was not quite what one might imagine; the seats were rather luxurious.

This is the Napo Wildlife Center. Our hut is the one in the center with the white lattice under the porch. This place met and exceeded our expectations.