Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October - The Quilt visits Disney Parks

During the long drive down to Florida, I was able to complete 3 full flowers (I finished another 2 on the return drive). This marks the first time that Hannah and the quilt have traveled together. For security purposes, no pictures of the two of them appear together.

The Peters contingent was amazed to find our family name carved into the beach. We, wink wink, don't know who would despoil nature by writing graffiti on a public beach!

Animal Kingdom, note the large concrete tree in the background. Yes, those are animals carved into the trunk. And, no, we are not responsible.

Disney Magic Kingdom's Main Street. People already lining up for the electric light parade. Cinderella's castle looming in the background.

Flick, from Ant's Life, poses with the quilt.

The quilt visits Epcot. What says "Epcot" more than the lake with the big ball in the background?

Finally, Snow White visits with the quilt. She not only scared me, the children and everyone else within 3 square miles, she scared the quilt. I'm not sure this flower will be able to face being incorporated into the quilt.