Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Removing some of the paper

The top photo shows the front of the quilt in the red corner. You can see all the basting stitches. The second photo is the back of this same section. You can see the paper hexagons. I took a seam remover and cut through the basting stitches and removed them. The paper hexagons fall away as you can see in the third photo. And finally in the forth photo, you can see how nice the black paths between the flowers look when there is not white basting stitching. I think the solid red parts of the flowers look nicer too. It is kind of hard to see the basting stitches on the seer sucker, so it doesn't make that much difference.
I think now at this point, I will try to take a photo of the quilt at least once a month, maybe close to the first of the month and post that. This will keep a record of how much is covered in one months time. The next photo will be a Feb. 1st update.