Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey & Greece

In September, the quilt journeyed to Turkey and Greece. Turkey included Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum. From Bodrum, a quick boat ride took us to the Island of Kos.
This is a picture of Bodrum Harbor from our hotel, if you look closely, you can see St. Peter's Castle in the background. No, it's named after the other St. Peter.

Here the quilt visits the walls of the castle and the Turkish flag.

On the Island, the quilt insisted on visiting Hippocrates' Plane Tree, rumored to be over 2,400 years old.

On the boat to the Island, the quilt decided to have a photo taken with the Greek flag, something about equal time.

4th of July - A Visit to Washington, D.C.

The quilt felt very patriotic this past 4th of July and decided to visit the nation's capitol. The National Parade, Fireworks on the Mall and visits to the White House, Capitol Hill and Arlington Cemetery. The fireworks were amazing, but short given the tight security and lines.

Visiting the White House, one entrance.

Visiting the other White House entrance.

Capitol Hill. Flags were all at half-mast due to the death of Sen. Byrd.

Henry's Quilt - Final Product

Here's Henry's quilt... completely finished. Not only am I happy with the results, Henry likes it too! It makes a marvelous addition to his nursery. His parents hung it on the wall in such a way that it will be easy to take down to actually use as a quilt and not just a wall hanging. Good job Ron & Nizida.

This detail shows the quilting. I'm also very happy with how it turned out. The swirl looks like waves in the water and blowing wind in the sky, basically... perfect.

You can practically feel the breeze blowing the sails.

The back of the quilt is a world map.