Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Update

I've decided how to mark the front of the quilt to show where the various flowers were completed. I'm going to embroider the city/state/county and the date that the flower was assembled on the hexagon to the right of center. I am going to use thread that matches the color of the stripes, and will place the information on alternate white lines. Below are pictures of the two that I tried out. The purple flower was made in Paris France Oct 2007 and the orange flower was completed in Brussels Belgium Oct 2007. First are close ups of the embroidery. Following is a picture taken from a distance. The goal is to convey the information without distracting from the design of the quilt. I think this goal has been accomplished. The plan is to now mark each flower that was completed in a location other than Chicago. The final photo shows the state of the quilt as of September 1st. I've again placed a yard stick near the quilt to get a better feel for the size. By October 1st, I hope to have the fifth row completed, and also complete more of the straight edge along the bottom. Tune in next month to see how much progress I've made. Oh, a hint at what's to come... part of the quilt will be making another trip soon. Where in the world could it be headed? A future flower may be featured, straddling two continents?!?! Where could it be. Oh, the suspense is killing me.