Thursday, December 14, 2006

English Paper Piecing - The Paper

This quilt pattern is usually made using the English Paper Piecing method. In this method, the cut pieces of material are basted to paper shapes and then whip stitched together. Later the whip stitches and paper are removed. I have decided to use very small hexagons, only about 1 inch square (2.5 cm). I am figuring that I am going to need about 5,000 hexagons give or take a few.
The paper:
I made a hexagon in Microsoft Word 2003 on my home computer, then copied it and filled a page. I then printed it out and can now either print out more, or make copies at Kinko's. All the hexagons are then cut out. I first cut them into small strips of 3 and then cut them individually from there. These small strips in a baggie with a pair of scissors make a very compact, easy to carry project that you can work on while on the train or bus.

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