Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quilt Makes Friends in Costa Rica

Michael, Michelle and the Quilt pose by the pool at Banana Azul

Once again the Quilt elected to flee the Chicago Winter. Who can blame it really. We did manage to miss out on a 10 inch snowfall! Costa Rica was the destination of choice, but with a slight twist. Each previous visit has included visits to the Pacific Coast but never the Caribbean. The area around Puerto Viejo is rustic and very laid back. The Banana Azul is a wonderful place to visit, and quite comfortable too. This is fortunate because we all had stomach issues and there was lots of rain. We ended up spending more time on the property than we ever have before. The food was good, and there was ginger ale a plenty. It also gave us the opportunity to meet some of the other hotel guests and employees. Our favorites were Michelle and her wife CJ from New York City. Michelle expressed interest in the quilt and she was invited to be the first to make a guest blog appearance. Great job Michelle and we look forward to a reunion sometime in the future in NYC!

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