Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hawaii - Take 3

When winter comes to Chicago, the quilt longs for warm weather. Again, it begged to go to Hawaii. What could I do but acquiesce?
This Hawaiian trip it was all about the food. Rainbow Drive-In is a Honolulu institution. Check out their website and menu Rainbow Drive-In An episode of Hawaii 5-0 was filmed here.

Speaking of Hawaii 5-0. They regularly film at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The quilt has seen almost all of the stars on set. Below you can see quilt visiting Kamekona's Shrimp truck on the set.

Another Honolulu institution is Leonard's. Here the quilt visits the retro sign in the Leonard's parking lot.  Have you ever had malasadas? Guava was the flavor of the day when we visited, and yum, they are good! Hot, fresh, covered in sugar and dripping with guava filling, oh my.

Finally, the quilt insisted in visiting a functional shrimp truck (as opposed to Kamekona's fake one). There is one problem, I don't eat seafood. Fortunately, in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu there are several shrimp trucks that share a wooded lot. One of them Dat Cajun Guy, has fabulous fish-free gumbo and jumbalaya, double yum!

All in all, I must say that the quilt has become quite spoiled. I can't believe that I give in so easily when it insists on visiting warmer climes during the winter. I hereby resolve to be more firm and not be such a push-over..... well, maybe not.

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