Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paris....Again...This Time Monuments & Landmarks

IM Pei's Pyramide du Louvre provides an interesting entrance to the Musee du Louvre.

The drapeau tricolore (French Flag) on a street corner in Paris.

No one will be staying in this Hotel. The Hôtel de Ville, Paris is the Paris City Hall.

Bois de Boulogne, on the west side of Paris, is perfect for early morning walks.

35 miles southeast of Paris is the château de Fontainebleau (I was surprised to learn the 3rd syllable is pronounced BLOW, not BLUE)

The Tour Eiffel is the tallest building in Paris, and from 1889-1930 it was the tallest building in the world.

Notre Dame de Paris, we were told, is actually owned by the State and rented to the Roman Catholic Church.

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