Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paris.....A Taste of French Culture.

This trip to Paris the quilt decided to take in a little culture.
Here it visits La Joconde, better known as the Mona Lisa.

The Nike of Samothrace, better known as Winged Victory enjoyed a visit.

Vermeer's Lace Maker seemed a little jealous. She would rather be known as the Quilt Maker!

Vermeer's Astronomer, painted in 1668, is the second of his paintings on display at the Musee du Louvre.

Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, also expressed jealously toward the quilt. She of course had to admit that without arms, quilting is out of the question.

This pair, Psyche and Cupid, captured in Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, were the only two that did not express any interest in the quilt at all. I guess they were otherwise occupied.

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