Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time Once Again

Here's the quilt with the Christmas Tree. I'm posting this picture because I was looking back at earlier posts and saw the picture of the quilt with the tree back in December 2007. Check out that post. The quilt was much smaller then. This quilt is certainly a life lesson. If someone tells you that you must prepare 9000 hexagons and then sew all 6 sides of these hexagons together, it sounds like an unsurmountable task. If you work a little, work a little, slowly over time, the project doesn't seem quite so overwhelming.


Kim G :) said...

I love all your pictures!!! The quilt is beautiful!!

Patricia said...

All of your photos (and comments) are a joy! Thank you for the smiles! This picture touches me as I am originally from Ststen Island, NY and rode the ferry as a commuter.
It was nice seeing you in The coffee shop again today, it had been a while since I first met you.
Looking forward to the growth of the quilt and your other projects!