Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Baby Interruption: Andrew Michael Martin

Hannah's quilt once again got placed momentarily on the back burner. Friends, Annie and Mark, had a bouncing baby boy. They didn't want to find out the baby's sex before birth, so I had to make this quilt unisex. The quilt is from City Quilts by Cherri House; it is called City Sweets and is suppose to call to mind a box of Petit Fours.

Here is a close-up showing the quilting. When I was deciding what to use as the binding, my first thought was white. However, Colette, owner of Quiltology, suggested using the dot material from the back side of the quilt. I was hesitant, but decided that white might not be a good idea on the edges of a baby quilt, too likely to become soiled. I like the results.

This shot shows the back. I have instructed Annie that if it looks like A. Michael M. (that's what I've decided to call him) looks like he's going to spit up: place him on the dots side; if he looks like he's going to be cooperative, place him on the rectangle side. Of course, I'm kidding. The only squabble I've had is the order of the child's names: Andrew Michael Martin. I mean, why not Michael Andrew Martin, or even Michael Martin Andrew? I finally figured out that she wanted him to have the same initials that she has. Oh well, I should be happy that Michael got included at all.


Anne said...

It's beautiful!!! And we can call him A. Michael :) You are so sweet to spend your time and energy on this!

chq said...

Love your City Sweets quilt...great job!

(author of City Quilts)